Welcome to Retro Fresh, the label that is bringing you all the classic South African pop & rock gems from the late 60's through to the 90's ... digitally remastered with bonus tracks in the form of live, demo, alternate mixes and unreleased material; extended original artwork with rare photos, memorabilia and in depth liner notes; MP3 files, videos and website links and of course the most important of all ... some truly great music!

Forthcoming releases [January 2010]

Expect the third and final chapter of the Otis Waygood story in February –1971's “Ten light claps and a scream” comes complete with a rare bonus track recorded in the UK plus some newly discovered photos and an updated biography…also in the loop at the same time is the third McCully Workshop album, “Ages”, recorded in 1975 with several non album bonus tracks. This album rounds off the McCully's prog rock period and features some great guitar and flute interplay – a must for Workshop fans!

February/March will see the release of the legendary Wildebeest album “Bushrock 1’, featuring Freedom's Children drummer Colin Pratley and Jackhammer's Piet Botha. Recorded live in 1981, the album has long been a progressive rock gem with it's thundering African percussion, swooping Celtic violin work and psych guitars….Finally we have managed to secure the rights to The Third Eye catalogue and will release the bands three albums ,”Awakening” (1969) , “Searching” (1969) and “Brother” (1970) on one extended double CD. Hailing from Durban The Third Eye is Hammond driven prog rock at it's best, included will be rare photos, B sides and retrospective liner notes from the band members.

In late March/April the mythical Hammak “Live !” album will make it's CD debut courtesy of band members Keith Lentin and Anton Fig. Regarded as one of the finest 'jam ' albums in SA rock music this album has been on fan wish lists for over a decade…Coming on like the bastard child of Rare Earth meets Grand Funk Railroad “There's a light, there's a way” by The Invaders is earmarked for the end of April. Originally a mid 60's pop band The Invaders mutated into heavy rockers by the beginning of the 70's and created one of the finest albums in that genre.

April/May – The third Hawk album “Live and well” will include all the original tracks plus some bonus songs, new photos and an updated biography. Joining that will be the long awaited double cd set of 60's South African 'beat' music featuring the likes of The A-Cads , Staccatos,John E Sharpe,Tidal Wave and many more…

If you have any suggestions for future Retro releases please email us at fresh@icon.co.za












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