Various Artists




Astral Daze 4


Compiled by Benjy Mudie for Retro Fresh. Mastered by Peter Pearlson. Marketed by Fresh Music. Thanks to Tertius Louw & Marq Vas for their assistance.

Andy Ionnides-vocals
Stephen 'Gil' Gilroy-guitar
Louis 'Moose' Forer-bass
Saverio 'Savvy' Grande-drums

Birds of a Feather:
Johnny Patterson-vocals
Nick Rowlands-guitar
Barry Irwin-bass
Bobby Sweetman-drums

Bryan Miller's Destruction:
Bryan Miller-vocals
Keith Lentin-guitar
Steve Acutt-bass
Anton Fig-drums
Sammy Hartman-keyboards

Dickie Loader (with Freedoms Children):
Dickie Loader-vocals
Julian Laxton-guitars
Barry Irwin-bass
Colin Pratley-drums

The Tidal Wave:
Mike Pilot-guitars, vocals
Kenny Haycock-bass
Roy Naturman-keyboards
Mike Kock-drums

Ramsay Mackay:
Ramsay MacKay-vocals,bass,guitars
Dave Tarr-violin,dulcimer,sax,viola & pennywhistle
Colin Pratley & George Spencer-drums
Ronnie Robot-bass

Abstract Truth:
Ken E Henson: guitar
Peter Measroch: keyboards
Sean Bergin: Sax, flute
George Wolfaardt: drums

Colin Pratley: African drums, vocals
Dave Tarr-violin, flute, sax, pennywhistle, vocals
Boet Faber-guitar, vocals
JP Botha-bass, harmonica
Karlien van Niekerk-vocals

Omega Limited:
Louis Greeff: guitar
Alan Weinberg: bass
Mike Brand: drums
Derek Gordon: keyboards, guitars, vocals

Freedom's Children:
Julian Laxton: guitars
Brian Davidson-vocals
Barry Irwin-bass
Colin Pratley: drums

The Attraction:
Eugene Havenga-vocals
Julian Laxton-guitars
Les Goode-bass
Robert Schroder-piano
Ivor Back-drums

Claire Whittaker- vocals
Phillip Nel-keyboards, production
Paul Woodley-guitar
Ashley Kelly-bass
Kendall Kay-drums

Otis Waygood:
Rob Zipper: vocals, guitars, saxophones
Leigh Sagar: guitars
Alan Zipper: bass
Ivor Rubenstein: drums

The Electric Circus Jamming Band:
Peter Vee-vocals
Clive Calder-bass
Allan Goldswain-keyboards
Ivor Back-drums
Mervin Gershanov-guitar
Roland Deale-guitar
Terry Smith-vocals

The Third Eye:
Ronnie Selby: lead guitar
Maurice Saul: vocals, guitar
Dawn Selby: piano, Hammond organ
Mike Sauer: bass
Robbie Pavid: drums

The Drifters:
Jack McGroaty-vocals
Nick Pickard-organ & guitar
Jerry Barnard-guitar
Mel French-bass
Jim McDiarmid-drums & flute

Pete Clifford-guitars, vocals
Paul Ditchfield-vocals, bass, keyboards
Barry Jarman- flute, trombone, pennywhistle, guitar, concertina
Eddie Eckstein- drums, vocals
Peter Hubner- keyboards, trombone
Neville Whitmill-vocals
Deni Loren-vocals

The Staccatos:
Brian Le Gassick-keyboards
Harold Nicholson-vocals
Neville Mann-guitar
Andre van Zyl-guitar
Gavin Carson-bass
Neville Harbott-drums

The End:
Alan Faull-lead guitar
Robert Marais-guitar & vocals
Charles Faull-drums
Neilen Marais-backing vocals Trevor Perrins-percussion