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Here comes a freestyle
Asamasa me style
never hostile
my style be like a turnstyle
always turning and changing
cos' I'm the brother rearranging
this here planet
trying to put my hand on it
just so I can expand it
that is my soul in my center shockra
I'm gonna talk ya'll
a little to fast for the average
to understand
listen to me never savage
I bring a band with just my guitar
in my hand
do you understand that I'm givin
back the land to the indian (native American)
hey! you presumed that my doom
would come soon but here I am
just relatin' and debatin'
concentratin' meditatin'
it feel great and here I come
with this sound pro-found
neo say-

That's crazy
that's what it is, that's what it is
that's what it be
What would I be if there were no stars
above me
where would I howl were there no clouds
in sight
who would I send with this message of love
were all of these just taken from me

There always trying to take what's mine
water it down turn it around change up
the sound
but my style stays strictly underground
see me fillin' Harriets tub-man
with slices of love man
cos I'm a hue-man
sonically boo-man
into your room and
out through your window
spreading out through the air
just like indo
I'm gonna send those
emporers new clothes
down to these ghettoes
by way of these hype prose
that get chose to be both
lyrical and spiritual
cos' it's gonna take a miracle
and see I got a whole bag of those
comin'more like the thorn
than the rose
so I suppose


Crazy little life we're livin'...



don't leave me blind
'cause i'm afraid of not seeing
you can't leave behind
a baby born in a taxi
give me all you owe the world
let's pretend i could be spoiled
if it's all in what you say
then won't you change my world today

i could spend my time loving
if that's what you want me to do
you just have to say do

you say i'm like a dream
planted far from water
you make it out to seem
between there's a border
think of all the games we play
tell me we're both trapped in this clay
if you're sure that's here to stay
then help me change my world today

i could spend my time loving you...


don't be afraid
i'm not here to take away
it's not a shame
let me show you how to play
take my arm
i'll lead you to this groundlessness



One day my bird will sing
A song to heal us all
The song will give us wings
The song wont let us fall
And when my bird does sing
The people will come one
Come all into the love
And let that love be stong

One day my bird will sing

One day my bird will sing
And every ear will hear
The song the spirit brings
A song that feels no fear
And when my bird does sing
The people will come one
Come all into the love
and let that love be strong

One day my bird will sing

And when we finally sing
That healing song they'll say
This is the day we have worked
We have prayed
Here inside the wings of melody
Where love can fly
Here inside where peace resides
No longer living lies

One day my bird will sing



I've been waiting all my life for
The cipher
Desiples singing
Songs of revolution
The circle
The drums keep ringing
Louder for the spirit
Awake now
It's love we're bringing
In the form of freedom
Come down now
The devil's bleeding

We grow from seed to tree
Me and my people building

I've been waiting for the one day
Not someday
But today we need
Something strong to build on
A foundation
A nation of gods
Giving more than taking
Backs breaking
O my people come on
Share the love you're saving
Stop hazing
Life could be amazing

We grow from seed to tree
Me and my people building



banna ba
ne ba tsamaya ba shebile fatshe
ha re so mmone ya ka re jwetang
hore ba kae

banna ba
ne ba feta hae e le bosiu
ba re gogela disthomo
e be ba tsamaya

ba re siile
le masimo
horobala ho thata
ha re tshepe



We live in agitation
it's a sorry situation
that we're facing
cos' there's people starving
right here in our nation
Why is it that the signs say stop
and the people can't
are we afraid of the cops
I thought they were paid
to work for us
I read a coin once said
in God we trust
in God we trust
Exactly what does that mean
to you and I in relation
to this song
let me brake it down
You and I are friendly
cos' the walls are getting silly
and it's chilly when the hearts
get cold, so
cram the youth the truth
because today is living proof
that if we seperate the children
violence will be a plague
My momma said
that if you run the streets
being stupid
you'll probably end up dead
that's all she wrote

Can't see why the people want
to live life this way
in agitation

I'd turn the other cheek
but you would slap me 'til
next week
so I'm not really sure
that you are my friend
You treat me like Huck Finn
treats Jim
and I'll throw you off the raft
so you better learn how to swim
black man, white man, yellow man
put'em in a can
give'em some guitars
and make'em have a jam
cos' it might take a lesson
in harmony,
to show these fools
we're all from the same family
I reach and reach but they say
what I preach ain't nothin'
fools were made for frontin'
so I'll stroll on with my business
and stay religious
to the cheif of relief
and thats me so I'm free

Agitation spreading allover
this here nation



i can see her
can you see she's hiding in the clouds
she's afraid to show her cheek
afraid the rain will blow it all away

melting the rain

says she could never bare to be in the world today
she's afraid
'cause the rain doesn't like her face
and so she whispers in my ear
to remind me that she cares.
it's just that she is so afraid,
so afraid
of melting in the rain

melting lightly....



Wish that I might find
my perfect love
a woman with a heart and mind
is who I'm thinkin' of

Wish that I might find
my perfect love
my sista, mother, princess, child
whose smile will raise me up

When i'm falling
its the shelter in her eyes
keeps me believing
come be my perfect love
baby come be my perfect love
sista come be my perfect love

Wish that I might find
my perfect sista, momma, woman
amidst this pile of illusions
some call life
come be my wife
and we will rise above the strife
to heights unknown
let love be shown


Love me like I love you
and I will be your promise land
love me like I love you
and i will be your superman
and this hero wont fall
if you will give your all
to the lovin
and this hero wont fall
if you will give your all to me

Wish that I might find
my perfect love
a woman with some sense of mind
warm heart of Africa....



you set me borders
to remind me that i'm home
you find me lies
saying their soil is rougher than mine
you give my space a code-name
so none other than citizen can claim
you tell them to apply
for their share in their gods' world

provide them with welfare
let them know it's their fair share
tell them to be unified
dignified and pc-fied



he sits outside my window
this man with no name
he stares in every morning
and every evening he stays
his eyes are as silk as crystals
never telling a thing
his lips go never parted
holding secrets within

he whispers i....won't talk

i swear i've seen him times before
chasing thru the clouds
he would ever run around
he never needed to hide
he told me once he knew me
said that he was a friend
one of the many millions
sent back to defend

he whipers i....won't

his voice is soft it's gentle
he must be an angel
he told me he earned his wings
watching over the sun
i know he's here to guide me
that's what he's for
i know that look in his eye
it's where i got mine

i ....won't talk



Love is the way
Let your whole spirit sing
Cancel the pain
So we can live again

Now is the time
To release your heart and mind
Cancel the pain
So we can live again

When we make love
You make my soul smile

This is the day
Come put the past away
Cancel the pain
And let the love remain

When we make love
You make my soul smile



I can just think
of being in love with you
and every wish seems true
not just for me
people everywhere get to see

Kids grow up strong and free
fingerpainting a masterpiece
warm rain kiss the driest ground
sweet fruit for the hungry
in every town
calenders with war marked out of date
unarmed soldiers meeting face to face

I can just feel
that being in love with you
is my wish come true
its what will be
if people everywhere
live like we want to see
our children strong and free
fingerpainting a masterpiece

I know my imagination
wont make all this happen
not even cos' I love you
but I can wish if I want to

Our children strong and free



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