David Aldo
Album title - Halfway To Memphis
Hailed by fans and critics alike as 'South Africa's best kept secret', Port Elizabeth's David Aldo has racked up hit after hit over the last 4 years. Now resident in Los Angeles his new album "Halfway to Memphis" is the culmination of a year's worth of writing and recording in Nashville with an all star crew including backing musicians from the likes of Lady Antebellum. The first single "When you love someone so much" is a hit slice of country rock that has already taken South Africa by storm!
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Cofield Mundi
Album title - The Big Question
Cofield ups the ante on her second album with a stunning collection of self penned material. Ranging from the pop sensibility of the hits “Head over heels” and “Things that you say”, through the heartfelt “Everybody show it” and “Someone just like you” to the quirky “Sitting on top of the world” and poignant “Lover’s secret”. She is arguably one of the finest singer/songwriters in modern music today.
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David Aldo
Album title - Everything To Me
David Aldo's sophomore album “Everything to me” packed to the hilt with classic songs including the singles “Just you”, the evocative title track and “Fifty years” and serves to underscore David Aldo's deserved reputation of being one of the most important and successful singer-songwriters to emerge from South Africa.
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Album title - The Times
With a combination of strong hooky songs, strikingly emotive voice and powerful performances, David Aldo's debut album 'The Times' sets him well apart from most singer songwriters in the global market. From the acoustic pop meets hiphop groove of "What a fine day", through the hauntingly gentle "Could've been" and the fragile "Someday", to the upbeat chartbound rock anthem "Someone's kissing" the album is a timely reminder that there is still beautiful music in a world of noise.
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Album title - Blk Sonshine
Blk Sonshine are unarguably the most exciting new group to emerge from Africa in the past decade. They blend melodic and sometimes percussive acoustic guitars with hiphop,jazz,and folk influences as well as a huge helping of soul from their African motherland. The result is emotional music that owes no allegiance to any one culture but instead combines and then enlarges musical boundries. Take a listen to "Born in a taxi", "Building","Bahlalefi" and "Melting in the rain".
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Various Artists
Hailed by his thousands of fans as one of the most important songwriters in the country, Koos Kombuis's music has been reinterpreted / revised / reworked and revisited by a host of triphop, punk, electronica, dance and vocalists on ‘Kombuis Musiek"…a tribute to a cultural icon. Take a listen to the manic kwaito / house delivery on "Paranoia", the punk-rap of "Verslaaf" and the beautifully moving "Onder in my whiskey glas".
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Album title - She's Hot!
'She's Hot!' is the debut release of Madame Afrique, the funky-fusion outfit from Cape Town. The album is a unique blend of Afro-jazz, township jive and world fusion beats which takes listeners on a contemporary sound safari. The heart of Africa comes alive with the searing Afro-Latin jazz soaked of "Swamp Thing", a fingerpoppin' bassline sets off "Indaba" with it's funky vocal gymnastics and sense of Afro groove whilst "Spanish Lullabye" features some marimba, guitar and flute interplay. "She's Hot!" is one of the most exciting releases for years and promises the listener a truly South African musical experience.
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Album title - Balance
Hailed by critics as "somewhere between early Garbage / Blondie meets Transvision Vamp fronted by Marilyn Monroe!" Helloangel's fiery and sexually charged brand of guitar driven pop can be experienced on songs like "I don't care ", "You", "Come with me" and the sultry "Inspired". Fronted by London based vocalist Julie Bell this album bristles with raw energy and attitude. Also included on this release is the cd enhanced video of "I don't care".
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Album title - Get Fresh!
Get Fresh with 20 killer tracks at an unbelievably el cheapo price! Celebrating the first five years of Fresh Music as a 100% South African music label Get Fresh includes humongous hits by Blk Sonshine, Nianell, Tait, Cofield Mundi, Egyptian Nursery, Naked and Sunways.... some fab songs by Citrus, Biff 'n Jethro, AntiGravity and Susan May as well as five bonus tracks in the form of live, alternate mixes and unreleased material.....
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