Right… so you know at least three chords, and have spent what seems to be a lifetime writing a bunch of original songs; you have more faith in yourself than Bono has in the goodness of humanity and you’ve practiced so hard that the mirror has cracked… Its time to show the world what you’re made of… what do you do?

Well you could take your chances and sign up for one of those excruciatingly bad 'pop idol' tv shows that seemed to be the rage on SA screens these days or you could really spin the wheel of fortune and send your songs to the major record companies in the hope that between lunches, lawyers, compilations and accountants someone may listen to your demo… god forbid you should get an answer or an opinion back!

We thought not…. so pop your tape, cd, vinyl (we have a record player) plus any info, pics, contact details, etc into a envelope and post it to Fresh Music, P.O. Box 53585, Kenilworth 7745. We love original music, we love musicians… your music will get a listen and you will get a response from us, that’s a guarantee! We believe that constructive criticism/advice is essential to the development of truly original music so please keep an open mind/ear.
Please note that due to the high volume of demos sent to Fresh it is not possible to mail stuff back.

Thanks to the wonders of modern broadband technology we're able to download and listen to MP3 demos so please don't hesitate to mail reasonably sized files (this does not mean you can send a triple album, though!). Email demo mp3s to fresh@icon.co.za.

David Marks / 3rd Ear Music